Monday, August 18, 2014

The “Call:” The Financial Benefits of Mobits

In order for the business of Mobits to be successful, we must benefit both the family and the director.
The benefit for the family is Mobits reduce the stress of death notification and gives them a way to use their smartphones to memorialize their loved one.
So, not only is their loved in their heart, their loved one is in their phone.
And with smartphones phones being so highly valued by their owners, interring loved ones in phones is an appreciated option not previously available.
But Mobits must also benefit funeral directors. Here are a few ways funeral directors benefit financially from Mobits:
  1. Up-sell a Multimedia Obituary package. Mobits, combined with a basic death notice in the newspaper, can be packaged and sold at a premium to families. Mobits make it easy for families to notify everyone of a death with text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and email. With Mobits, death information can be shared with just a few taps on a mobilephone. There is no easier way.
  2. Cut out newspaper obituaries entirely and replace them with Mobits. Since newspapers don’t cut funeral directors in, funeral directors should cut newspapers out. Sell a Mobits instead, upcharge it and give families superior service over newspapers. Ask your families do they still have the newspaper delivered to their homes. If they don’t, that’s an opportunity to sell a Mobits.
  3. Up-sell funeral programs on smartphones. The funeral program can be loaded on Mobits and can be viewed from smartphones and printed from smartphones. Families can tell everyone if they want funeral program of their loved one, they can print one from their smartphone.
  4. Embed your brand, your funeral home, in your community. Each smartphone that attends a funeral that you provide is a potential billboard for your funeral home. If you had billboards all around town, do you think you would get more first calls? If you think so, then Mobits can be your all around town billboards.
Mobits is a new revenue source for funeral directors! 
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