Monday, July 14, 2014

The "Call:" The only mobile-marketing kit for funeral homes (and it’s free!)

Mobilephones, by far, are now the best way to market businesses. The reason is simple: everyone has one and everyone keeps their mobilephone nearby.

It’s today’s Yellowpages, 411, billboard, TV and newspaper.

Most funeral directors know this, what they don’t know is how to take advantage of mobilephones to get more first calls.

We equip our funeral directors with everything they need to use mobilephones to get more business. Here is an example of the initial email we send out to our new funeral homes (we customize everything to the funeral home, below is an interactive example):


Thank you for your business!

To jump start your funeral home marketing, I am providing the following:

1. QR Code (image). This image should be placed in all of your marketing, particularly in your printed materials.

2. Keyword ("Mobit"). This too, should be included in all your marketing. Basically, you put the following somewhere in your printed marketing (funeral programs, church fans, calendars, etc...): "For more info, text Mobit to 72727 or scan this box." This should go somewhere near your website address and/or contact info.

3.  Arrangement room flyer with your logo. Put this in a 8 1/2 by 11 frame and display it in your arrangement room.

4.  Flyer with your logo to give to prospective clients. Give this to clients who don't buy right away.

5. Kiosk (

Open this link on all computers that are near where you answer the phone. Then bookmark it. Everyday, open this page on your computers and leave it in the background. Then, when people call for general information, tell the caller if they give you their cellphone number, you can text them a link with all of the funeral home's information. This will build you a database of cellphone numbers that you can use later for marketing purposes.

6.  MCard ( I will send you this link via text message. Open it, then add it to your home screen. Then, when you are out and meet people, ask them can you send them your mobile-app. If they say yes, you open the icon on your phone, then enter their mobilephone number and tap submit. They instantly get a text with a link to your mobile and you just added another mobilephone number to your database for future marketing!

7. Order form. Please feel free to make copies. Also, if a funeral director prefers to submit orders online, they can do so by going to

These tools, IF USED CONSISTENTLY, will really help you build your business. They are very easy to use, you just need to be consistent about it.

After you have the chance to review all of this, give me a call and I'll walk you through everything and answer any questions.

Don’t you agree? Either way, we still would like to get your feelings on this subject. Click or tap The “Call” to go to our blog and post your comments! For a demo, text the term “Mobits” to the phone number 72727. Our contacts: phone, 786-763-1875, website,, email,

To demo a Mobits™ outside of the United States, type or copy the following link into a web browser on a mobile phone or device: Or Skype us, username “” Mobits™ can be done everywhere on the planet where there is internet access! International directors are welcome.

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