Monday, July 21, 2014

The “Call:” Mobits are the fastest and easiest way for your families to share arrangement information on Facebook

Here at Mobits we are big on “Actionable Intelligence” meaning we only like to give you stats when we can actually show you how to take advantage of them.

Here’s a great stat: 80% of all Facebookers use their smartphones to access their Facebook account.

And here’s how funeral directors can take advantage of this: Tell your families that your funeral home makes it extremely easy for everyone to post the arrangements information on their Facebook pages.

All the family member has to do is open the Mobits on their smartphone, tap the Facebook icon, logon onto Facebook and tap “Share” in the top right corner, or write something and then tap “Share” in the top right corner.

The Mobits is immediately posted on their Facebook page!

Note the image of the mobilephone screen. This is what your families will see after they log into their Facebook page from the Mobits.

Smart funeral directors will offer their families a Multimedia Obituary package – it includes a Mobits for texting and Facebooking obituary information and basic newspaper death notice with a 1 to 2 lines that say “For more info, text RobinJ to 72727.”

“The Multimedia Obituary package enables families to easily communicate arrangement information using the newspaper, smartphones and social media at one low price.”

The Mobits cost $49 (Price goes to $59 August 8 for all new funeral homes), add in the cost of the basic newspaper death notice in your area and then add your premium (profit) to the price to your families.

There’s plenty of room to make $100 or more off each Multimedia Obituary package and it gives your funeral directors something to talk about that sets them apart from the competition. Another thing Mobits are big on is “people buy differences, not similarities.”

It’s much more important for families to post the arrangement information on THEIR Facebook pages, not on YOUR FUNERAL HOME Facebook page. You too, can easily post all of your obituaries on your Facebook page (just like family members, view the Mobits from your smartphone, tap the Facebook icon, sign onto your funeral home’s Facebook page and then tap “Share” or write something brief and tap “Share”).

The Multimedia Obituary package is a higher level of service to your families and can get you more first calls.

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