Monday, June 23, 2014

The "Call:" Your Google Funeral Home Reviews Are Costing You First Calls

On my morning walk, I decided to Google a couple of funeral homes while walking. I opened my smartphone, went to my Google search bar and typed in the funeral home name.

Google immediately found the funeral home, displayed a map and under the map, it had “Reviews.”

I tapped the map, another page came up with the location information and the reviews. 

Here is the first thing I read:

“These people act like a bunch of thug gangsters who hold your loved one hostage. They are rude and very unfeeling and detached from a situation that they should be handling with care and concern, whether fake or genuine. They should be more professional and empathetic instead of the mantra i heard most in my dealing with them .... "pay us and then we can help you, pay us and you would know, pay us or nothing happens until then".... and if you decide to look elsewhere to bury your loved one they will say "pay us for storing him and then we will release him!!!"

Wow. I wondered if the funeral home knew this is first thing people read when using Google to find their funeral home.

Ok…so I walked some more, got a sweat built up, made sure I’m not walking into traffic and decided to Google another funeral home. I do, tap the map and read the review. Here’s what this one said:

“It is in the interest of the public that they keep a safe distance from this place, it has been cited by MIOSHA with 22 serious violations. Keep away until other information is available to prove otherwise. Some of the citations include overexposure to formaldehyde and exposure to blood borne pathogens. Perfect place to get sick.”

My obvious question to you, funeral director, is this: Have you Googled your funeral home and read your reviews?

These Google reviews are a part of your front door to the world. If I didn’t want someone I knew who needed a funeral home to use either of these funeral homes, all I would have to do is show them the review.


It doesn’t matter if you do 50 cases a year or 500 cases a year. Your online reputation matters. There are ways to deal with this, the most effective way being is to get positive reviews posted. Another is give unhappy customers an “offline” place to post negative reviews.

It’s hard to get more first calls if you simply decide to ignore your online Google reviews. Let us help.

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