Monday, June 2, 2014

The "Call:" Funerals on Stage

“People buy differences, not similarities.”

This must be one of the business principles of Marin Funeral Home in Puerto Rico.

If you Google this funeral home and click on the “Images” tab, you may be astonished by what you see.

Marin gives visitations and wakes a new name!

This past week, they staged a deceased 80-year-old woman dressed in the gown she wore for her second wedding, sitting in a rocking chair surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers.

The deceased wanted to attend her own wake, and the San Juan-based funeral home did all they could to accommodate her.

Marin funeral home in the past has also staged a deceased boxer in a makeshift ring and another deceased on a motorcycle.

My initial knee-jerk reaction when viewing these images was to think these families and the funeral home are tacky.

But then my other knee jerked to remind me that job of the funeral home is to do their best to honor the deceased’s and the families’ last wishes.

Newspaper obituaries, Mobits, death notices, funeral programs, all of these things are done in remembrance of the deceased. Marin’s funerals certainly are hard to forget!

When I put down my morality police badge and put on my funeral home marketing director’s hat, I have to applaud this funeral home.

Not only are they serving families in an unique and desired way, Marin is also getting their funeral home a lot of exposure that undoubtedly is getting them more death calls.

What’s wrong with that?

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