Monday, May 12, 2014

Today’s technology is tomorrow’s tradition

This past week, we did a Mobits where the deceased was 69 when he died.

As you can see from the exhibit, his Mobits had 937 page views, 18 contact forms were completed and 22 people expressed their condolence using their smartphones and/or tablets.

When I talk to funeral directors about Mobits, I am regularly told that they feel Mobits is more appropriate for "younger people."

If that's true, then 69 must be the new 39.

Reading his condolences, it's clear these are not just "young people." If you want to see for yourself, text WillieD to 72727.

The key to getting more first calls is to get more people to check out your funeral home online. And most people online are there using mobile devices.

Mobits excels at getting people to look at your funeral home by getting people to look at their dearly departed's Mobits (each of which contains the funeral home's contact information).

Mobits is different and better because we figured out how to get people to go to the funeral home online by using text messages and mobile-websites.

937 people didn't view this Mobits, but its highly likely 200 to 400 people did. It also gave the funeral home several people for their mailing/marketing list. And most importantly, that Mobits is inside a good couple of hundred mobile phones.

It's a lot easier getting first calls when your funeral home is already in the smartphones of your target market.
Mobits might not be a tradition now, but with results like those above, Mobits will be a tradition tomorrow.

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