Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The "Call:" Reduce Funeral Home Receivables By Offering Memorial Funds

One very difficult issue for funeral directors is handling indigent funerals and/or funerals that are not fully paid.

Funerals are big ticket purchases that often are not prepared for financially.

Funeral directors are people too and have bills just like everyone else, so its really unfair that directors are often put in the difficult situation of helping a family with little or no money.

One option to consider is setting your funeral home up to create "Memorial Funds" for these occasions.

For instance, Mobits offers merchant services for funeral homes. When one of our funeral homes has an indigent case, we do a Mobits (mobile-obituary) that has a "Make a Donation" button.

When the button is tapped, it opens a page on mobile phones that can accept donations from debit and credit cards.

Some families will use a service such as GoFundMe to raise money for a funeral, but the problem that can arise is a family getting the donations, but not passing on the funds necessary to the funeral home to fully pay for the funeral.

It is better for the funeral home to collect the funds directly and the best way to do that is to offer families Memorial Funds rather than families going to a third party like GoFundMe.

Then, if more money is collected than the funeral costs, the funeral home can refund the difference back to the family.

When funeral homes provide service, they should be paid promptly.

It's only fair.
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