Monday, April 21, 2014

The "Call:" “Wonderful...This app is very, very nice, especially in today's world. Thank you.”

When we create a Mobits for a family, each one includes the following two text messages:

First message
We regret to inform you of Jane Doe's passing. Tap for info:
Funeral Home Name
(123) 555-5555
Please forward to friends & family.

Second message
Also, anyone can text "JaneD" to 72727 and get the text to the Mobits. Thank you.

These text messages are usually sent to one family member and to one staff member of the funeral home.

When we recently completed one, a day later we got back the following message from the family member:

"Wonderful...This app is very, very nice, especially in today's world. Thank you."

We forwarded the text to the funeral director but of course, the family member had already expressed their gratitude directly.

Mobits are a much needed tool in today's world. Communicating death information is hard on most of us. Mobits give families more space and time to mourn while keeping everyone informed of the circumstances.

Mobits have no borders, meaning families with members in other countries can also stay up to date on the funeral from the convenience of their mobile phones.

And for funeral directors who want more cases, the bottom line is they have to get their funeral home in front of more people. The best way to get a funeral home in front of more people is to put their funeral home in mobile phones.

The more eyeballs on you, the more business you'll get. That is the premise of Mobits.

Don't you agree? Either way, we still would like to get your feelings on this subject. Click or tap The "Call" to go to our blog and post your comments! For a demo, text the term "Mobits" to the phone number 72727. Our contacts: phone, 786-763-1875, website,, email,

To demo a MobitsTM outside of the United States, type or copy the following link into a web browser on a mobile phone or device: Or Skype us, username "" MobitsTM can be done everywhere on the planet where there is internet access! International directors are welcome.

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