Monday, April 14, 2014

The "Call:" Make sure you get all funeral programs as PDFs!

One excellent strategy of developing death calls from new sources is to use the funeral program as a marketing tool.
Having the funeral home's name, website and other contact information on the funeral program is simply not enough to attract new cases. You must go the extra mile.
Here's what one funeral director does:
She starts by doing a Mobits for each of her clients. Once the Mobits is ready, she emails the printer a QR code to the Mobits to put on the program.
By having the QR code on the funeral program, the physical program can be scanned by mobile devices, which will then open the Mobits on any mobile devices and display the deceased final arrangements along with the funeral home.
She also gives the printer the following message to put on each printed funeral program:
"Please text 'JohnDoe' to 72727 to view this program on your smartphone."
She then has the printer send her the funeral program as an Adobe document, often called a "PDF."
And lastly, she has the funeral program PDF loaded on the deceased's Mobits, usually the day before the funeral service.
This helps her business and helps her get more death calls in several ways.
1.         Each program becomes a more effective marketing tool because anyone can later on scan the funeral program or activate the keyword and get the Mobits right on their mobile device. Her marketing is no longer limited to the space inside the physical program.
2.         Funeral participants can preview the program ahead of the service to better prepare.
3.         The keyword, i.e. 'JohnDoe,' can also be used in the newspaper obituary to reduce the number of lines needed and thus reduce the cost. So instead of listing all the survivors, the newspaper obituary can just have, "For more info, text 'JohnDoe" to 72727.
4.         Attendees can view the program from smartphone before, during and after the funeral, giving her the ability to tell each family they don't have to worry about running out of programs.
5.         It gives everyone the ability print program afterwards when it's more convenient. Every time that program is printed, that's just like putting a brochure directly in the hands of one of her prospective clients.
6.         It puts more eyeballs on her funeral home because every time that Mobits and/or funeral program is accessed, her funeral home is displayed.
Other directors, because they make money off of the funeral programs, wait until after the service to load the funeral program on the Mobits.
The death notification process is your number one marketing tool. In subtle ways, you can use death notification to promote your business while also providing a much better service to your families!

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