Monday, April 28, 2014

The "Call:" Convenience matters a lot to families

Several reports have recently confirmed that the number one benefit of having a smartphone is convenience.

Families want the ability to make and execute purchases fast and the most convenient way to buy anything today is on a smartphone.

A smartphone doesn't require gas nor does it require booting up a computer, entering a password and getting online (a good 5 minute wait).

Many people, if not most, sleep with their smartphone within arms' reach. Thus, it stands to reason, if you are already in their smartphone, then your funeral home is also always within arms' reach.

The more convenient you make it to get to your obituaries, to call you, to get directions, to buy flowers, to express condolences, to review and to buy your service packages, caskets and other funeral products, the more income you will make.

This past weekend, at the local grocery store, all of the employees had on t-shirts that had this printed in big letters on them:

"There is no line online!"

If a family is shopping funeral homes, don't you want to be the most convenient funeral home to use? The moment they are moved to buy, don't you want them to buy from you immediately? If they get the notion to buy in the middle of the night, don't you want to be the funeral home they can reach out from the bed, grab their mobile phone and buy your service package, casket and vault?

Don't you want to be the funeral home that individual family members, regardless of where they are physically located, can submit payments from their smartphones in combination to come up with the full payment for the funeral?

Convenience matters a lot to families.

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