Monday, March 17, 2014

The "Call:" Funeral homes should design their mobile websites for younger people and their PC websites for older people.

Many funeral homes have built a solid business over the years through reputation.

As a result, some funeral homes have developed close relationships with families and churches that generate repeat business.

Yet we all know death is very emotional, and if everything isn't just right, some families will take future business elsewhere.

The point is building and sustaining a funeral business strictly on reputation is risky because so much emotion is involved.

Progressive directors recognize this and look elsewhere for new business. And most look to the web.

The web is an excellent source for new business, and how the funeral home is presented on the web is very important.

By and large, most funeral homes do a poor job of attracting new business from the web. 

Why? Because their sites are often:
1.    Too small in print.
2.    Too gloomy/boring (poor selection of colors and backgrounds, lack of 'happy' people images).
3.    Too complex (too many things to click on all over the screen).

In short, most funeral sites are "TMI," too much information.

The majority of funeral business sourced from the internet will come from mobile devices.  And the majority of funeral business sourced from the internet coming from PCs, will tend to be people over 50 years old.

Therefore, the mobile website needs to be designed for younger people and the PC website needs to be designed for older people. Mobits is the only company that does this!

Most funeral homes come to doing about 100 cases a year, or two a week.  Our strategy and technology quickly gets them to four or five a week.

We are successful because we understand the profile, emotions and motives of people visiting funeral homes on the web.

People want information and answers fast. People don't want to get lost or bored on the funeral home site, mobile or PC version. And when people are ready to talk, they want the phone number readily available.

Besides, what's the most important thing a funeral home website should do?


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