Monday, February 24, 2014

The "Call:" Funeral directors using Facebook reach just 5% of the market

When talking with funeral directors about the power of smartphones to get them more death calls, invariably some directors will quickly point out that they post their obits to Facebook.

Most of them have no idea of quantifying what they are saying.

In effect, they are saying that by using Facebook, they are helping their families reach five percent of the families' circle of loved ones.

Why just five percent?

First, because Chris Cox, VP of product for Facebook, reports that just 16% of Friends and Likers see each Facebook post.  And of all Facebook posts that concern specific events, like parties, meetings or funerals, only 30% of those posts are seen in time to attend the event.

30% of 16% is just 5 percent.

Honestly, that's not much better or even worse than newspaper obits.

What is better? Try text messaging.

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. And 95% of all text messages are read overall.

Text messaging is also faster than Facebook, easier to send than Facebook and more private than Facebook.

When text messaging is used properly by funeral homes, not only does it help families get the word out to much more than five percent of their inner circles, reducing their stress, it also promotes the funeral home much more effectively than Facebook and better positions the funeral home to get more death calls.

This is not to discourage funeral homes from using Facebook. It is to recognize the true reach of Facebook and to point out a better solution.

Facebook even acknowledges this fact, which is why they are promoting their new product, Reach Generator. They project by using Reach Generator, for a fee of course, businesses can increase the percentage of their Facebook post that are seen up to as high as 75%.

But that's still a lot lower than 90 or 95%.

So if you want your funeral home's name seen by 90 to 95 percent of your families' inner circles, start using text messaging, we can show you the right way how it's done.

Or, if you are good with reaching just 5 percent, continue using newspapers obits and Facebook.

Chances are, you could probably get a lot more death calls from 90% than 5%.

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