Monday, January 27, 2014

The "Call:" Different things Funeral Directors are doing with Mobits

More and more, we are getting referrals from funeral directors to funeral directors not in their market!

They are getting a lot of positive feedback from families in different ways. Here are three examples:

One funeral director loves the option of the printed funeral program being accessible on the Mobits. They have the printer send them the program as a PDF file and we uploaded on the Mobits.

Not only does the director forward the text message to a family member, they also forward it to a contact involved in conducting the services.

This helps a lot because often the people in charge of the services don't get to see the funeral program until right before the funeral begins.

This helps people involved in the services to know well in advance what the arrangements are so they can be better prepared.

As a result, one director has been able to develop deeper relationships with some of the church leaders in their area because they loved how effective the director was in helping to get everyone prepared for services.

Another funeral director uses the Mobits in conjunction with newspapers obits. They take one line in the newspaper obit to say "For info, text DeceasedName to 72727."

So instead of spending a lot of money for additional lines, they save the family money by using a unique keyword in the newspaper obit to direct everyone to all of the arrangement information.

In some locations, the first 5 or so lines are free, so by including the keyword, they help the family get the word out much more effectively.

One of our directors in the Atlanta area does this usually saving his families a couple of hundred of dollars at least.

There are several features that Mobits offer that either helps the family get the word out or help director get more death calls.

We even have another director that uses the Mobits to manage his cases! He saves each of his cases picture as an icon in a folder on his smartphone. He keeps track of his funeral home from a smartphone, allowing him to be more "semi-retired!"

The more directors use Mobits, the more ways we find to help them and their families!

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