Monday, December 16, 2013

The "Call:" What’s wrong with this ‘selfie?’

Undoubtedly, you saw and heard the uproar about the 'selfie'(a picture of you taken by you with a mobile phone) President Obama took with the British Prime Minister and his wife at the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Some thought it was disrespectful, but really it's a sign of the times.

To many people, mobile phones are their most prized possession. They sleep with them, they take them to the bathroom, and they take them to church. People feel naked without their mobile phones.

No place or event is off limits to mobilephones, including funerals.

So the question isn't whether to ban mobile phones from funerals, but how to manage them during funerals.

Funerals are sacred events and mobile phones should not disturb others or the ceremonies. So people should be asked to mute their phones and not to talk on them during the services.

Consider telling the attendees when and where it is appropriate to take pictures and videos.

Ask the family if they mind people taking pictures or videos of the deceased.

Don't ignore the fact that these situations are bound to occur and to occur more often.

Mobile phones don't have to be bad for funerals, they just need to be managed by funerals. And when managed properly, mobile phones can be a financial opportunity for directors.

People prefer to get information via mobile phones. Giving funeral information using mobile phones, with the proper strategy and execution, can be a revenue generator for funeral homes.

There is nothing wrong with a 'selfie' at a funeral. It just should be managed.

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