Monday, December 2, 2013

The “Call”: Ten reasons why Mobits™ are much, much better than posted obituaries on funeral home mobile apps and websites

Mobits™, mobile apps and text messaging for obituaries, can and should be used in conjunction with obituaries on funeral home mobile apps and websites. But here are ten reasons why Mobits™ should be the number one choice for funeral directors and used first:
1. Mobits™ use texting. One of the most power mobile technologies is texting. We always ask directors how they notify people of the obituary they posted on their mobile app and/or website. We often get the answer, "by Facebook, or by word-of-mouth," but we have yet to get the answer "by texting."
Text messages are five times more likely to be read than emails or Facebook posts. 98 percent of text messages are read and 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes.
Given the importance of arrangement information and its time sensitivity, why don't directors use texting?
Mobits™ is the only deathcare industry technology advocating and implementing the proper use of texting.

2. Mobits™ brands mobile phones. If directors want to get more death calls, one of the best ways to get first calls is to give people the ability to put pictures of the deceased as icons on their mobile phones and devices. People can tap the picture and the Mobits™ opens. Because it has a button on initial page to call the director, Mobits™ put directors in the best position available (the mobile phone), to get first calls.
3. Mobits™ has dedicated staff. Directors already have a lot to do and creating obituaries shouldn't be one of their tasks. Our staff gets the mobile-app up fast (in 4 hours or less) and updates it fast, when necessary.
4. Mobits™ can be sold. Given the slim margins in the industry, why would directors forgo any revenue opportunities? Mobits™ can be sold as a companion to the newspaper obituary or as an upgrade to the newspaper obituary. Directors don't make money posting obituaries on their mobile apps and/or websites. That only costs directors time and money.
5. Mobits™ are easier to use. Mobits™ were designed to be easily tapped and to minimize and/or eliminate data entry, like the names of the deceased, funeral home names and funeral home web addresses. Because mobile phone screens are small, Mobits™ have big buttons and big pictures. Most funeral home mobile apps have small pictures and small buttons, and often require the user to enter the funeral home's website name or the deceased's name, or both.
6. Mobits™ are customized to the deceased. Mobits™ are stand-alone apps focused on the deceased, not on the funeral home. Mobits™ don't have to have a cookie-cutter, bland, common look with no personal touches. It can be customized. It can be used for direct cremations. There is also a Jewish version available. It memorializes the deceased much better with favicons (the little icon in mobile device's web address bars), icons (mentioned above) and start-up images (on iPhones). By focusing on the deceased, it actually gives directors more, not less, opportunity for death calls because it puts the directors phone numbers and mobile apps and/or websites within a couple of taps. And if families want to limit who can view and use the Mobits™, it can be password protected.
7. Mobits™ can include printed programs and QR codes. Mobits™ offer the ability to have printed programs to be downloaded. QR codes can also be provided for the printed programs. People can view programs from their mobile phone. This can save money for the family by reducing the number of programs needed and is also a "green" alternative (less need for paper and less trash for landfills) for those families who are concerned about environmental issues.
8. Mobits™ can be easily integrated with other mobile apps. Mobits™ can easily be added to the mobile apps of churches, alumni associations, veterans groups and other groups. And every time it is integrated with other mobile apps, it creates new channels to generate more death calls for directors.
9. Mobits™ can improve search engine rankings. By giving each case a Mobits™, it'll drive a lot more traffic to director's mobile apps and/or websites and will get them ranked higher by search engines since Mobits™ creates more "backlink" traffic. Experts estimate that backlinks account for as much as 80 percent of the weight that search engine ranking algorithms give websites and mobile apps. This ranks the funeral home much higher when people do searches, again getting more death calls!
10. Mobits™ can upload pictures and videos. Mobits™ allow for the upload of pictures and videos from mobile devices and the Mobits™ upgrade (called Mobits™-Memorials), can display up to 5 videos and up to 20 pictures. This gives families and friends more ability to reflect and reckon with the death after the final arrangements take place.

Overall, Mobits™ are a much better strategy for directors to serve families, to generate more death calls, to reduce director's work, to generate new revenues and to improve customer satisfaction!
And when cemeteries catch up and are able to give the latitude and longitude coordinates of the deceased's grave, Mobits™ can even navigate inside in the cemetery to the gravesite!
Mobits™ is more than an app - it's a service, a tribute and a tool.
We know…so how much does it cost? We are happy to say it's extremely affordable. But we don't publish the price because it is not a cash advance item. When we are contacted by families wanting Mobits™, we encourage them to let us deal with their director in order to get them the best price.  Given the sensitivity and privacy concerns of arrangements information, we are uncomfortable dealing with the general public directly.
Call or email us and we'll let you know.
Don't you agree? Either way, we still would like to get your feelings on this subject. Click or tap The "Call" to go to our blog and post your comments! For a demo, text the term "Mobits" to the phone number 72727. Our contacts: phone, 786-763-1875, website,, email,

To demo a Mobits™ outside of the United States, type or copy the following link into a web browser on a mobile phone or device: Or Skype us, username "" Mobits™ can be done everywhere on the planet where there is internet access! International directors are welcome.

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