Monday, December 9, 2013

The "Call:" How to get your funeral home ranked #1 fast by Google, Bing & Yahoo

The Yellow Pages have been replaced by internet search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo). And the majority of searches for local services on these search engine sites come from mobile devices.
Consequently, in many locations, there are a lot of death calls that can be sourced from search engines. But funeral homes need a strategy to capitalize on this opportunity.
Here's how to do it:
All search engines use three primary three factors to rank search results – On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the mobile-app's (also called mobile website) content and relevant backlinks.
On-site SEO relates to how a mobile-app is organized and its ease of use. It represents about five to ten percent of a site's ranking.
The content of the mobile-app represents about 15 to 20 percent of the ranking's value.
But, the predominant factor that determines a mobile-app's ranking is its backlinks. The search engines algorithms assign 70 to 80 percent of a mobile-app's ranking to backlinks.

Backlinks are hyperlinks on other mobile-app and websites that link to a funeral home's mobile-app.  The more websites and mobile-apps that link to a funeral home's mobile-app, the higher that funeral home's mobile-app's search ranking will be.
This is an incredibly easy opportunity for tech savvy funeral homes to seize. The reason is most funeral homes have few, if any, backlinks. Because no other mobile-apps or sites are linking to the funeral home's mobile-app, rankings are mostly based on content and on-site SEO.
Mobits™ are stand-alone apps, and each one is a separate backlink to a funeral home's mobile app.
By using Mobits™ to help families, funeral homes can also quickly improve their search engine rankings.
What happens is Mobits™ includes a backlink to the funeral home's mobile-app and uses the same keywords as the funeral home.
So, if someone is searching for cremations in Dayton, OH, Mobits™ will use the terms "cremation," and "Dayton, OH," as some of its keywords.
Because several Mobits™ are all pointing to one funeral home's mobile-app and are using the same keywords, that funeral home's mobile-apps will get a high, if not the highest ranking when people search for funeral services on the web.
By using this strategy, most funeral homes can be ranked #1 in their market within a matter of weeks!
To get new business, you have to do what your competition isn't doing. Your competition is not using backlinks to get high search engine rankings. Start using Mobits™ and start counting the number of death calls you get from being top-ranked.
This strategy alone should be worth two to four more death calls a month. And by the time your competition catches on, it will be too late for them to overcome your advantage!
Don't you agree? Either way, we still would like to get your feelings on this subject. Click or tap The "Call" to go to our blog and post your comments! For a demo, text the term "Mobits" to the phone number 72727. Our contacts: phone, 786-763-1875, website,, email,

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