Monday, December 23, 2013

The "Call:" 2014 Prediction – WiFi Funerals

Sometime in 2014, someone will go to a funeral where they will walk in the doors of the location of the funeral and there will be a sign that says "Please mute your phones and turn on your Bluetooth."

Once the Bluetooth is turned on, a message will appear on the mobile device, "Welcome to the John Doe funeral.  Please sign in for the family to acknowledge your presence and to express your condolences."

The person will take their seat and there will be buttons on their mobile device to tap to read the program, sing songs and to get other information regarding the funeral.

People unable to attend will get a text message alerting them that the funeral is beginning and that it can be viewed from their mobile device.

Printed programs will be optional as the program will be made available on the mobile device and can be printed later if desired.

People will follow along in the funeral procession to the cemetery using the navigation on their mobile devices.

And when they arrive at the cemetery, GPS will direct them to the exact location of the grave site.

After the funeral, they will be able watch the services again at their convenience, print the program, express their condolences and send flowers or gifts, from their mobile devices.

For those out there who are may be shaking their head in disgust, please be reminded that at one time, books were the new technology.

It's the natural procession of things.

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