Monday, November 25, 2013

The "Call": Technology is the Director’s Best Friend!

Many funeral directors seem to have an aversion to technology. It's probably because technology is viewed by many directors to be more work. Yet, the whole point of technology is to make less work.

For sure, there's a lot of new technology for directors…websites, mobile websites, social media, etc. However, technology, without proper strategy and execution, will make more work, not less, for directors.

So role-play the proposed use of technology, especially from the family's and the mourner's perspective. If it's impossible to trace, step-by-step, how technology will help families and the director, then it probably shouldn't be used.

For instance, some directors assume simply by having a website, people will be able to easily get to it. My experience has been that it is often hard to get to a lot of funeral home websites simply because they are frequently hard to spell and/or are have very long addresses in terms of the number of characters.

So, if the role-play requires the target website visitors to "type-in" a lot of information rather than to "tap-in" or "click-in" information, visitors who are not good spellers or who have difficulty entering data on their PCs and mobile devices will be lost.

Other funeral directors think that posting on Facebook will automatically drive more traffic to their website and ultimately to their funeral home.

Role-play how families and mourners will get and use the Facebook post to effectively improve the director's life. How are people to be made aware of the Facebook post?  How likely is it that the post will be read in time to use it? Will the post get lost in the midst of all of the other Facebook posts?

Facebook, if used properly, can help make life easier for directors.

But again, technology, without proper strategy and execution, will be more work for directors.

There are several ways technology can make life better for directors without being more work. Here are four:

  1. Less phone calls – directors get a lot of calls for basic funeral information. Technology can handle that.
  2. More death calls – directors can get more death calls if their funeral home information is already stored and easily accessible (1 to 4 taps) in the mobile phones of their targeted audiences. Technology can do that.
  3. New revenues – directors can make more money by using technology as a replacement to newspaper obituaries. Newspaper obituaries, for many directors, are more work for no pay. Technology can change that.
  4. Higher customer satisfaction – The fact is most people prefer not having to talk to funeral directors to get arrangements information. The easier directors make it to get arrangements information, the more satisfied families and mourners will be and to use their services in the future. Technology can improve that.

If directors want to improve their work-life, they must do something different. Technology, with proper execution and strategy, can be that difference maker.

Let me be one of the first to say, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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