Monday, November 4, 2013

The "Call": Mobits℠ (mobile-obituary) on mobile devices within 4 hours of meeting with families

Mobits℠ is the new mobile technology for funeral directors to get more calls while providing families improved service.

When meeting with families, funeral directors can tell them that a mobile-obituary can go up on the web in just 4 hours!

Once the Mobit℠ is ready, we send a text message to the funeral director with a link to the deceased’s Mobit℠. The funeral director then forwards that text message to a family member and that family member can then forward the text to everyone else.

So all the funeral director has to do is just forward ONE text message! That’s it!

Don’t even worry about getting us a picture of the deceased because we also made that very easy.

Almost always, at least one family member will have a picture of the deceased on their mobile phone. Just have one of them, on their mobile phone, go to, and the picture can be uploaded from the family member’s mobile phone. You just can’t beat that.

We also will now do your first Mobit℠ for free!

It’s a win for the family because now they can notify the community and people near and far much faster and without the stress of having to make a lot of phone calls. And it’s a win for the funeral director because it gives them a competitive advantage and a new income source. It’s fantastic marketing for funeral homes that want to grow.

Start using Mobits℠ before your competitors!

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