Monday, November 11, 2013

The “Call”: Mobits - The ‘Death Call’ app! Really?

The rise of smartphone technology has created all types of applications – 'apps' for short. There's no limit to the apps being created every single day.

But an app for 'death calls'? Exactly how would it work?

To start, the purpose of a 'death call' app would be to get funeral directors more death calls. To actually work, it would need three things:

First, all apps have icons. Icons are the images on smartphones that users tap to open apps. So the 'death call' app would need one.

Second, the 'death call' app would need to be able to contact the funeral director. To do that, the app would need a tap-to-call button, and/or a tap-to-go to website button, and/or a tap-to-email button. 

Third, the 'death call' app would need to be effortlessly loaded on the smarthphones of those in need of funeral services.

Believe it or not, Mobits™ is actually the 'death call' app! Here's how it gets funeral directors death calls:

When Mobits™ are done, in addition to helping families reduce their stress by making it easier to notify friends, family and the community of a death, it also gives families the ability to put the deceased's picture on their smartphones as an icon.  Before the funeral, those concerned can tap the icon (picture) to get final arrangements information. After the funeral, they can tap the icon (picture) to view pictures and videos of the deceased.

Families can also use the text message that comes with Mobits™, to forward to people interested in knowing more about the deceased's final arrangements. And those people can put the icon (picture) on their smartphones as well.

One funeral can easily result in having a hundred or more smartphones with Mobits™ icons. So if a funeral director uses Mobits™ for their families, they will in effect, load their 'death call' app on literally thousands of smartphones in their market!

Mobits™ have tap-to-call, email, and go-to-website buttons, making it the easiest way possible for those in need of funeral services to contact a funeral director.

When the need for funeral services arise, people can simply tap the icon (picture) if they have a direct need, or forward the app to someone else they know in need. To do so, they just forward the text message that comes with Mobits™, or they can tap the app (picture) and then tell someone in need the funeral director's number, website and/or email address.

That's how the 'death call' app gets funeral directors more calls!

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