Monday, October 28, 2013

The "Call:" The “Rolodex” of today is the mobile phone. Your funeral home needs to be in it.

The goal of many funeral directors is to get in the "inner circle" of friends and families networks. That's the true meaning of "word of mouth."

How to determine your success is easier every day.

You measure success by how many mobile phones you are in.

There are many ways to get in people's mobile phones. You can be a contact, or email, or text message, or Facebook post or Twitter post, and more ways are coming.

However, the best, absolute best way to be in someone's phone is to be an "icon" on their phone. As you should know, icons are images saved on mobile phone's main screens so that they can be easily accessed.

If you reach "icon" status, not only are you definitely in their mobile "Rolodex," you're in the "VIP" section!

The Mobit℠ puts your funeral home in this very important position.

People may not put an icon of your funeral home on their mobile phone, but they definitely will put their deceased loved one's picture in their list of icons. The Mobit℠, as an added feature, allows people to put a picture of the deceased into their list of icons.

Every time someone put's the deceased's icon in their list of icons, they have just put your funeral home on "speed-dial." So when they hear of a need or have a need themselves, your funeral home is in first position to get the first call. That will grow your business.

Try the Mobit℠ at no risk! We are positive once you get your first, it will become clear how effective this is to building your funeral business.

If you have any questions, please call 786-763-1875 or email Also, please visit our site from your mobile device or PC; we have redesigned to make it super easy to use the Mobit℠.

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