Monday, October 14, 2013

The "Call": What type of message gets the fastest response?

If you need to get an important message to someone (i.e. death info), the absolute best method to do it by is text messaging.

The reason is 95% of all text messages are read within 90 seconds. That is huge. No other type of message comes close.

And, most 50-year-olds both use text messaging and surf the web from their mobile phones.

The majority of people prioritize their messages in the following order: Text, then email, voicemail, Facebook post, Twitter post, website/blog post and last, snailmail.

Because time is truly of the essence in the funeral business, text messaging needs to be used by funeral directors.

Mobits combine text messaging with a mobile app to give funeral directors and families the fastest and least stressful way to communicate the loss to others.

Simply posting an obit on your website (if you have one) is one of the slowest and most labor intensive ways for funeral directors to communicate death information. The reason is this requires you to verbally tell people to go to your site (not to mention you entering the information). That creates a lot of room for error and the more the difficulty, the less the likelihood people will use your site.

A better way is to send them a text message with a link to all of the final arrangements info. Nothing has to be spoken, errors are significantly reduced and most importantly, people get the info faster.

The problem with newspapers is most people have to buy them on the right date and read them in time to participate in the final arrangements. It's no longer effective. It's too expensive, too arbitrary and too short in time and length.

The Mobit is ready in four hours and requires little from funeral directors. Strategic funeral directors will also see it puts their brand on thousands of mobile phones in their market, meaning they will be in a much better position to get that important first call.

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