Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The "Call": How the Mobit℠ helps Jewish families notify loved ones of a passing faster, easier, less stressful and less expensive than any other way possible

The Mobit℠, or the Mobile Obituary App, is a new tool to make the death notification process as fast and as easy as possible for those in mourning, particularly for Jewish families. It provides a calendar, navigation, condolence book, send Shiva gifts and other information to help the family have more people participate in the final arrangements.

Jewish custom requires that deceased are interred as soon as possible, usually within a day or two. Thus, it is vital to notify loved ones as quickly as possible.

In the past, when families were less geographically dispersed, it was easier to notify those concerned that someone has passed, allowing most to participate in the final arrangements.

But now, with people spread out so far and wide, it is extremely difficult to relay the sad news to everyone concerned.

The Mobit℠ solves this difficult task by simplifying how people are notified of a passing.  Here's how:

The Mobit℠ is created within 4 hours of the funeral director or the people handling the final arrangements provide the information.

Once the Mobit℠ is ready, a text message with an internet link to the Mobit℠ is sent to the funeral director and/or family member.

That person then forwards the text message to other family members and they forward it to everyone else.  That's it.

This is much more effective, faster, less expensive and less stressful than having to make individual phone calls, or send individual emails or submit newspaper obituaries.

Text messages can also be sent to mobile phones internationally, and the text message can be opened from any phone on the planet that has internet access.

Text messaging is particularly useful because they are generally opened within 90 seconds of being received.

The vast majority of people aged 50 and younger both use text messaging and surf the web from their mobile phone.

And the vast majority of the people participating in the services and/or who are in mourning, are not the age of the deceased, but the age of the family, which is usually much younger than the deceased.

To introduce you to the Mobit℠, we would like to do your first one at no charge. The family will surely appreciate it.

To view a Mobit℠, send the text message "Shiva" to the number 72727. You will receive a text message back with the link to the sample Mobit℠.

Notifying friends, family and the community of a loss is always difficult, but even more so when the family is not localized and when customs allows only a day or two. Please give us a chance to help your families with this difficult responsibility.

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