Friday, October 18, 2013

The "Call": Get paid for an obituary?

All of us that operate funeral homes certainly understand the complexity of how important the obituary is as part of the services that we provide to a family.  For many funeral homes, writing and editing the obituary is the longest most arduous part of the arrangement session.  We work really hard to get every detail correct, sometimes under a deadline to the paper, and little to no revenue is produced for all that effort.

Additionally, the cost of the obituary to the family is in many cases outrageous.  Some newspapers have stopped placing free death notices, limiting online views of obituaries to consumer, etc.  Plus, who gets a newspaper anymore?  Over 50% of US citizens have a smart phone (including grandparents).
 I came across a great new service that we are using at our funeral home call Mobits.  For significantly less cost than a newspaper obit and no extra effort to the funeral director, Mobits is fantastic.  The big plus is that our firm does make revenue from Mobits, it’s an advertisement for our firm, and the families are very pleased.  For more information, visit

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